Seafood at Remaja Classic, Johor Bahru

Grilled Cockles RM6.00 (small)

We had an early dinner at Remaja Classic, near Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru. It was nice and delicious. Oooh!! Cheap only cost me RM39.00. I will definitely come back for more. We had Kerang Bakar (Grilled Cockles), Pari Bakar (Grilled Ray), Kailan Goreng (Kailan Stir Fry) and Seafood Tomyam. For drinks, I had Ice Tea and Barley for Anes.

Grilled Ray RM15.00 (small)

I am not a multitasking person and will never be one. I hate if I need to decide about where to eat especially while driving( its multitasking man!!)... hmmmm...this look like a decent place to eat, why not we live band too (well, a group of teenagers trying to be a rockstar)....ya got my support..yeaahh!!

Seafood Tomyam RM6.00 (small)

Seafood Tomyam was very delicious. We had a small size Tomyam for only RM6.00.  

Stirfry Kailan RM6.00 (small)

The best part was, we had our dinner on a beautiful gazebo.We will definitely come back again to try other choices on their menu. Ok, if anyone interested, the restaurant is located in front of Lembaga Hasil Building at Jalan Tampoi, Johor Bahru. Alternatively, click on the map link below;

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